Would you like to give the softest, simplest gift that parents would love? Look no further! All Zipsters are shipped in a branded box (with no prices) and wrapped in tissue paper!

If you'd like to send a gift note, please leave your message in the notes section on checkout, along with the recipients email address. On the day of delivery, we'll send them an e-card with the message!


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ZIPSTER™ Snowsports - ZipsterZIPSTER™ Snowsports - Zipster
ZIPSTER™ Snowsports
Sale price£23.95
Feathers Large Muslin Swaddle Blanket for InfantsFeathers Large Muslin Blanket - Zipster
ZIPSTER™ Surfer Dude - ZipsterZIPSTER™ Surfer Dude - Zipster
ZIPSTER™ Surfer Dude
Sale price£23.95
Save £4.00
ZIPSTER™ HibiscusZIPSTER™ Hibiscus - Zipster
ZIPSTER™ Hibiscus
Sale price£19.95 Regular price£23.95
Polka Dot Large Muslin Blanket - ZipsterPolka Dot Large Muslin Blanket
Lemons Muslin Blanket - ZipsterLemons Muslin Blanket - Zipster
Lemons Muslin Blanket
Sale price£10.95
ZIPSTER™ Bananas - ZipsterZIPSTER™ Bananas
ZIPSTER™ Bananas
Sale price£23.95
ZIPSTER™ Eucalyptus - ZipsterZIPSTER™ Eucalyptus
ZIPSTER™ Eucalyptus
Sale price£23.95
ZIPSTER™ SafariZIPSTER™ Safari - Zipster
Sale price£23.95
ZIPSTER™ Snow LeopardZIPSTER™ Snow Leopard
ZIPSTER™ Snow Leopard
Sale price£23.95
ZIPSTER™ Grey Stripes - ZipsterZIPSTER™ Grey Stripes - Zipster
ZIPSTER™ Grey Stripes
Sale price£23.95
ZIPSTER™ Blue Stripes - ZipsterZIPSTER™ Blue Stripes - Zipster
ZIPSTER™ Blue Stripes
Sale price£23.95
ZIPSTER™ Pink Stripes - ZipsterZIPSTER™ Pink Stripes - Zipster
ZIPSTER™ Pink Stripes
Sale price£23.95
Save £4.00
ZIPSTER™ Whiteout - ZipsterZIPSTER™ Whiteout - Zipster
ZIPSTER™ Whiteout
Sale price£19.95 Regular price£23.95
ZIPSTER™ Blizzard - ZipsterZIPSTER™ Blizzard - Zipster
ZIPSTER™ Blizzard
Sale price£23.95
Save £4.00
ZIPSTER™ Forest - ZipsterZIPSTER™ Forest - Zipster
Sale price£19.95 Regular price£23.95
ZIPSTER™ Navy Seal - ZipsterZIPSTER™ Navy Seal - Zipster
ZIPSTER™ Navy Seal
Sale price£23.95
ZIPSTER™ Alpine - ZipsterZIPSTER™ Alpine - Zipster
Sale price£23.95
ZIPSTER™ Love - ZipsterZIPSTER™ Love - Zipster
Sale price£23.95
ZIPSTER™ Cheetah - ZipsterZIPSTER™ Cheetah - Zipster
ZIPSTER™ Cheetah
Sale price£23.95
Stars Large Muslin Blanket - ZipsterStars Large Muslin Blanket - Zipster
Zig Zag Large Muslin Blanket - ZipsterZig Zag Large Muslin Blanket - Zipster
Bamboo Sleeping Bag 1.5 TOG - White - ZipsterBamboo Sleeping Bag 1.5 TOG - White - Zipster
Bamboo Sleeping Bag 2.5 TOG - ZipsterBamboo Sleeping Bag 2.5 TOG - Zipster
Bamboo Sleeping Bag 2.5 TOG
Sale price£54.95